It’s no secret that I take nearly all my photos with my iPhone, which means in order for me turn my favorite pictures into anything but a file on my computer (that no one really ever sees but me) it takes a lot of extra steps and a lot of time that I don’t have. A photo book? Oh please.

Well thanks to the folks at Keepsy who gave us a first look at their new iPhone app that just launched yesterday, that’s all about to change. Big time.

I’m already a big fan of Keepsy, whose Instagram photo books and cool photo calendars are always huge crowd pleasers with friends and family, so it’s not a huge surprise that I’m really digging the new free Keepsy app.

Once you download it to your iPhone, the Keepsy app will separate the photos in your photo library into sets, even auto-separating them based on location–like my Mexico set that groups all of my vacation photos together. Cool! You can also make your own sets from your Photo Library or directly from Instagram, as well as via their own camera, too.


Each photo set that you create is displayed in a cool, floating collage grid (see above) that you can name, edit, even allow friends and family to see and comment on. It’s easy to delete photos or even add them, either from your photo library, Instagram, or their camera. And you can even delete the entire set if you’re not loving it; one of my auto-created sets was from a week spent cleaning my mom’s house–yeah, you don’t need to see that one.

Once you’ve tweaked your photo set, you can do a couple of cool things, like share a link to it with friends and family so they can view it or even comment or like it, which does require either logging in via Facebook or creating a Keepsy account.

Oh, I can already hear the grandparents squealing.


But my favorite part is that you can turn your sets into super cool mini photo books. For this, you’ll definitely need a Keepsy account, but wow, it’s worth it. Because you can create a completely custom book of 16 or more photos, with background color options and a basic page template, with a few clicks. And it’s all sent right to your door. It’s ridiculously easy, and considering books start at just $14.95 for a high quality 20-page hard cover book (with up to 40 photos), the entire thing is very impressive.

Just think of all the possibilities: Custom yearbooks for each of your kids, gifts for the grandparents, even a fabulous vacation book with photo contributions from friends and family who you allow to add photos to the set–all made right from your phone in a matter of minutes.

I suggest keeping your eye on the Keepsy app as they launch a fun weekly photo project component, in which they’ll give folks gallery prompts, like Silhouettes or Alphabet Soup, as a way to help you tweak your technique and play around with themes. Now excuse me while I get back to playing with this app. I’m in love.  -Kristen

You can download the free Keepsy app for iPhone at