Now that phones are becoming more like computers, and computers are getting as streamlined as phones, it was only a matter of time before someone found a way to let them start working together better.

Matias One smartphone compatible keyboard

The Matias One USB Keyboard has a cradle built right in for your iPhone, or swanky new iPod Touch.
It also connects with Blackberry via wireless connection, with the Blackberry propped on a stand nearby. Either way, you
can press a button and alternate between typing on your PC or Mac, or
typing a text on your phone.

Matias One keyboard for Blackberry

It’s not like I’m sending novels as
texts, but I have been known to hit the wrong letter oh, 16 times in a
row, which drives me crazy. So I can see where it might come in handy if
you’re a big texter who tends to do so while you work. I also like that
the board has built-in shortcuts for functions like copy/paste.
Multi-tasking? Thy name is Matias. –Liz

Find out more about the One Keyboard which is now available starting at $79.95 for preorder, online at Canada’s Matias.

[via ubergizmo, daily buzz tech]

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