Sprint Guardian for familiesI shudder when I think about my kids running around as teenagers. I can only imagine the kind of technology that will be available to them and how they and their peers will be using it. I don’t envision ever “tracking” my kids via GPS locator, but being that I’m years away from that stage of life, who knows if that will change.

Regardless of what your stance on tracking is, it’s nice that mobile phone providers are implementing tools to help keep those lines of communication open between parents and their cell phone-toting kids. 

If you’re a Sprint customer, you can take advantage of family safety tools now through its Sprint Guardian package. The bundled offering provides parents with Sprint Mobile Controls, Sprint Drive First and Sprint Family Locator
In particular, I like the idea of the mobile
controls – being able to set time parameters on your child’s mobile
phone usage – and the driving controls. The Drive First function is
great because it prevents dangerous driving while texting by automatically locking your teen’s phone when it senses
movement over 10 MPH and sending automatic messages to senders saying,
“will be in touch later.” 
The Sprint Family Locator lets you track your
kids’ whereabouts and also set boundaries to get alert when they leave
those areas, similar to AT&T FamilyMap
which we covered earlier this summer.
If you have a teen or two in your household with mobile phones, it’s
worth looking into your particular network to see what kinds of family
tech offerings they provide. If you’re a Sprint user, the Sprint
Guardian package might be a great investment for some peace of mind. -Jeana 

Sprint Guardian costs $9.99 per month and can be used on up to 5 lines on a family plan.