A new travel search engine that checks first to see if that trip could be free? Yes, please. Enter Superfly, a travel search engine that does what we’re entirely too busy to do; namely organizing frequent flier miles and hotel rewards in addition to advising the jet set on how best to maximize their value.

While there are tons of travel sites and flight search engines out there, Superfly is the only one that strives to replicate the personalized experience of a seasoned travel agent. Think of it as as a bare bones Kayak. No bells and whistles, just lots and lots of analytics.

Tracking preferences, your frequent flyer miles, spending habits, and other user-generated data that’s gathered and analyzed over time, Superfly then translates it into customized recommendations on carriers, flight times, accommodations you might like and more. In other words, if you have a lot of Delta miles and you like to fly business (hey, why not), Superfly will factor that into the flight recommendation options for you.

I’m not quite sure how well it works yet, but if it does, the premise–along with a free-sign-up–definitely makes it worth a look.

After all, we all know airlines are entirely too good at making rewards values complicated (“Surprise! Your miles expire next week!”), so there’s really no good reason to go on losing what
amounts to “free” money just because the redemption process is explained in ancient hieroglyphics. I’m hoping Superfly helps me get those trips that I’ve already rightly earned. -Pilar

Learn more about Superfly at their website