With Labor Day here, I’ve got organization on the brain. So when I saw this beautiful, crafty way to make the tangle of electronics by my bedside a little more pretty and a little less “what’s behind the displays at Best Buy” I was amazed with the ingenuity.

Sara and Stacy at Minneapolis’s SugarSCOUT forage for beautiful vintage train cases then repurpose them as home-friendly charging stations. The inside hides a power strip and all those unwieldy cords (a grommet-finished
hole in back lets them snake through to your outlet), while a custom cut peg board at top lets you thread each cord through to showcase your devices, while hiding the birds nest below. I especially love the fabric covered tack board inside the top which can be customized, so that when open the case, you can hang photos or notes like best Holiday gift ever.

vintage train cases as charging stationsvintage train cases as charging stations

vintage train case charging station | scoutSUGAR

You can even lock it like a real train case, should you need to keep little hands off your iPad when you’re not around. You know exactly what I’m talking about.

They also sell just the vintage train cases, should you crafty mamas have it in your minds to make one yourself. Personally, however, I should not be trusted with grommets.

Find the vintage train case charging docks online at Etsy’s SugarSCOUT

For another cool idea upcycling idea, check out this cool DIY to turn vintage suitcases into a nightstand–the top one could make a great charging station too if you promise not to keep the top cluttered with stuff