Why you need more than one email address
After we posted instructions on how to get your personal information off Spokeo, we received numerous comments and emails from our readers with concern about having to share your email address in order to remove yourself.

While we understand that sharing more personal information seems counter-intuitive, we also think it’s wise to have multiple email addresses for that very purpose.

If you’re wondering why in the world you need more email addresses, here’s how we use ours.

1. Personal email: We keep an email address that’s reserved solely for personal interactions. No work business, no PTA invitations — just one that we can use to chat with friends and keep up with family. The key is to guard this email heavily and ask anyone who does receive it not to put you on any lists. If you’re afraid that might happen, then don’t give them this email. That’s what #2 is for.

Also, please use your own name. JenandRobbie@xx.com may have seemed cute when you were fielding wedding RSVPs but if you’re a woman in 2012, we’re big believers in having your very own address.

2. Business email: For you working moms, this might be a little easier to separate out, since many companies have their own servers and provide you with an address. It should most likely contain your name or some form of it: KChase, Kristen.Chase, K_Chase.

However, if you don’t work in or outside the home, chances are you’ve still got other commitments, whether it’s for your kid’s school, swimming lessons, carpool, in which you might want a more professional, straightforward sounding email.

3. Catch-all email: Call it whatever you like, but this email address should be used for any sort of sign-ups — coupons, coupon sites, members-only sites, political donations — as well as registration confirmation for commenting on websites, or for sites like Spokeo where you don’t want all that info plaguing your personal or business inbox. This is where you might consider using a nickname or a random series of names and numbers.

Even though you’ll still check this one daily, or every few days if you’re not too concerned about the limited-time deals, you won’t have to worry about missing an email from your kid’s school or your Aunt Hilda in the midst of the flood of emails that will hit this box. And you won’t worry about sharing it with questionable websites.

And if you’re on me.com, you can also create an alias for this purpose that ends up with your other mail, but doesn’t give away personal info.

Since web-based email addresses (e.g. hotmail, yahoo, gmail) are free these days, you should have no problem setting up a few accounts. Not only will it save you the discomfort of sharing more personal information, I bet you’ll find yourself feeling much more organized and on top of your emails. -Kristen

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