I just got a bunk bed for my kids and was trying to figure out a good clip-on reading light that could just clip onto the sides of the bed. Have you come across anything like that? Thanks! -Maryann

Funny enough Maryann, I could have written this question myself about a year ago! After much perusing and querying and reading reviews, I finally came across a great clip-on light that we’re really happy with.

The Mighty Bright XtraFlex2 Craft Light has been exactly what we needed. This company has a great reputation, making well-reviewed LED lights for Kindles and more. As for the XtraFlex2, it gives my girls the right amount of light for reading in
the bunk bed with the lights out, without disturbing the other one. It really does light up both pages perfect, and we’ve had no issues with battery life yet.

In fact the biggest problem has been insisting my girls keep it in their room. They want to clip it onto everything and walk around with it non-stop.

Another tip: while the light comes in a ton of pretty colors to match any room, I got both of my girls blue ones. That way, no fighting over whose is whose.

For the perfect reading light, look no further than the Mighty Bright Clip-On Lamp, available from our affiliate Amazon for just under $12.