There are two images in my mind right now: one of my husband struggling to keep his Android phone steady in the car while using it as a GPS; the other, yours truly, trying to read a recipe on my phone without dropping it in the pancake batter.

Both of these awkward mental pictures may soon be but a memory with the advent of an incredibly cool new mobile phone accessory that I can’t wait to get my hands on.

The¬†Bobine¬†is a super bendy 2-foot long phone cable that props up your iPhone (no iPhone 5 yet) or Android smart phone device and charges it at the same happy time if you so choose. And while it’s great for taking photos at weird angles, or without a wobbly hand, it’s also smart for getting your GPS directions more easily in the car and lifting your phone off the counter while you cook too.

Bobine flexible phone stand in the car

And the huge bonus: you can do all that while your phone gets extra juice. So that means we¬†might not get lost on our road trips anymore or lose battery charge. Oh, heck, I can dream, can’t I? –Shari

Find the Bobine on the groovy Photojojo store.

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