Oh Appy Day! gives you the scoop on the coolest apps from some of the coolest people anywhere. This week, Christina Applegate shares her favorite.

I love Oldbooth. You take people’s faces and put eighties hair on them. It’s awesome. –Christina Applegate

Full Disclaimer: I asked Christina this question on the Up All Night set while Maya Rudolph was still shooting. When Christina left and Maya walked over, I asked her the same question. She asked me what Christina’s answer was. I told her “OldBooth.” Her response? “She’s a Granny, I told her that. She JUST switched to an iPhone.” So I guess you can say this is a Maya Rudolph pick too.

Also, on Oldbooth.com, Maya Rudolph is talking to Ellen Degeneres about Oldbooth!

Oh Appy Day! Cool apps from cool peopleChristina Applegate has grown up since her days as Kelly on Married with Children. She’s currently starring in Up All Night and just launched a kids’ clothing site called Fabkids.com.

Oldbooth is available for your iPhone and iPad at the Apple store for $1.99. There is a free version with fewer faces to choose from.