Equator math app for kidsA lot of readers ask us about great math apps for kids. (Cut The Rope only counts sort of) I’ve found a great one that’s equal parts science lesson and math course with a sprinkling of cool graphics thrown in for good measure.

My kids are digging this brand new math puzzle game app for iPad called Equator. The concept is really cool: two players use opposite ends of the iPad to answer
math questions to ensure that Earth stays in balance. Which also means my kids don’t have to
fight about who uses the iPad. As the accumulate points, they can purchase hats for their planet. It sounds quirky because it totally is. The graphics are bright and interesting and have you completely involved.

The players are asked to make math problems, work together collaboratively, and then earn extra
points by challenging themselves and each other to make harder
equations. That’s pretty brilliant if you think about it: it means that my older kids can challenge themselves, while my my
younger son can still stay in the game. We need more apps like that.
The app is certainly on the expensive end but I feel like it’s worth the money. It’s for two players at the same time and it’s way cheaper than a math tutor. Have you seen the going rate on one of those? –Eva
The Equator kids’ math app for the iPad is recommended for ages five and up and is available on iTunes