As someone who’s still riding out the storm after the storm in New York City, I’ve been inundated with stories of business owners who came forward to help out neighbors in need of a power charge…and a few who didn’t. In this day and age, our phones are our lifelines to breaking news,
emergency reports, and contact with loved ones. So a charge is more than a charge. It’s a mitzvah, as we might say around these parts.

I’ll save my ranting about the midtown hotel lobby that kicked out grandmothers (like my own mom!) and new mothers with their babies who were simply looking for coffee and a phone charge; and instead focus on the awesome businesses helping people in need of just a power strip.

You deserve huge praise
for being a good neighbor to those who needed it.

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sandy photo Chase ATM New York | mashable

Cheers to Chase Bank offering power strips in the ATM vestibules around the city.
[photo scott kolb via mashable]

ace hotel offering power strips } via NY Portraits

Cheers to the ACE hotel on 29 Street for extending a power strip for residents to use.
[photo via NY Portraits Blog]

starbucks in NY during sandy | scott kolb via mashable

Cheers to Starbucks which kept its Wi-Fi on for locals outside, even if the stores were closed.
[photo via ginanigido via mashable]

cnn truck giving phones a charge | shmullphoto on instagram

Cheers to the CNN mobile crew which allowed West Village and Chelsea residents to charge phones from their truck.
[photo via schmullphoto on instagram]

I’ve also heard anecdotal evidence about Duane Reade stores and McDonald’s doing the same. And
to everyone else I missed, from companies and regular people, who are
demonstrating how awesome New Yorkers can be in a crisis–thank you. From a very grateful city. –Liz

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