Recently we found 3 cool smart phone cases for foodies (do foodies like ice cream sandwiches?) and  since then, I’ve become a little obsessed with the trompe l’oeil cases that are starting to crop up. Here’s an Etsy shop that might just have them all beat with an amazing selection of funky phone cases that aren’t quite what they seem.

Sushi iPhone case | The Curious Case

The Curious Case
does a great job at disguising phones as other objects, from a take out
container of sushi complete with wasabi and ginger, to a gorgeous water
color palate and even a yummy waffle with a melting pat of butter.

Water Color Palette iPhone case | The Curious Case

Waffle iPhone case | The Curious Case

Chocolate bar iPhone case | The Curious Case

the items are made to order so if you’re thinking holidays you might
want to get a head start. Or if you’ve got your heart set on a chocolate
bar iPhone 5 case, sit tight–the new models will be any day now. -Liz

Find a great selection of cool hard cases for iPhone 4, with iPhone 5 coming soon, at The Curious Case.

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