Readers of this site will know we all have a thing for juxtapositions of new and old–like vintage train cases reincarnated as gadget charging stations or high tech home phones with retro style. Now we’re going way back, with this very awesome poster that has a little fun with one of our favorite obsessions.

Pinterest propaganda poster | Just One Scarf

From Just One Scarf, the same Etsy artist who brought us those awesome social media propaganda posters, now comes a new one: The Pinterest Propaganda Poster. I think I kind of need it. Now. Not that I have to be told to pin–I do that just fine on my own.

Vintage Android poster | Just One Scarf

Another fun new option at the shop: an Art Deco Android Poster
which depicts America’s favorite operating system from back the good old
days. You know, before operating systems. It would make for some very
cool office art for you Mac-eschewing techies. That is, if you can tear
yourself away from Pinterest long enough to hang it. –Liz

Find very clever tech parody art online at Just One Scarf.

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