Whenever I think about dreams and goals for my life–often called a bucket list these days–I always think of my 7th grade math teacher who frequently told us, Whatever the mind can believe, you can achieve. (Thanks, Mrs. Buffingto!) It’s true, we all have things we want to experience in our lifetimes which is why I’m a big believer in creating bucket lists, or however you want to phrase them.

Thanks to a mobile app called iWish, I can keep my bucket list organized in one place and frequently revisit it to add on, mark things as “done” and get inspired.

iWish offers more than 200 wishes spread out among categories such as Wellness, Travel, Relationships, Personal Development and more. You can simply go through and click the wand (nice touch) to add it to your personal list, and also write in goals of yours that aren’t reflected already.

If you want to take it a step further, you can also assign target dates for your goals, add pictures for visual inspiration and read motivational quotes to get you on your bucket list way. You can also create your own life’s mission statement to refer to on a regular basis to keep you motivated to be the best you can be each day. Hey, that’s not a bad mission statement right there.

It has been proven that having specific goals and writing them down makes it much more likely to work towards achieving them. With iWish you can always have them in your back pocket. Maybe that trip to the land down under is closer than I think. I’m daring to dream. -Jeana

iWish is available for $2.99 in iTunes and Google Play

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