Turtle Shell wireless speakerWe recently shared 4 amazing wireless Bluetooth speakers that we really love as parents, both for their cool compact style and their affordability. Now there’s one more coming your way and we’re excited to try this one out. Not just because of the fun name.

Hardly larger than an iPhone, the Turtle Shell wireless boombox
by Outdoor Technology is designed to resist dust, water, shock, and
presumably, a tech-unfriendly toddler. At this size it looks like a
great lightweight option for toting around for a family vacation. You
can even mount it on a tripod or with a carabiner, should you want to
hang it from the top of your camping tent or maybe even a stationery bike.

Turtle Shell Boombox bike mount

It’s got
a built-in mic for speakerphone calls, and gets amazing early reviews
for sound quality–which is rare for such a small speaker. I’m kind of
over those “cute” little speakers that sound like some Fisher Price toy.
Plus the rechargeable battery should give you about 9-10 hours of sound
which isn’t too bad, and around 10 days of standby time. And boy I love the seven colors.

Turtle Shell Wireless Boombox with Bluetooth

It’s not super cheap at $150, but it seems like a fantastic investment or holiday gift. Especially with that whole child-proof aspect. –Liz

Learn more about the Turtle Shell Wireless Boombox on the Outdoor Technology site, or buy it now at DogFunk.com.