It’s not surprising that longtime popular personalized card and invitation site, Tiny Prints is expanding their offering into other personalized photo gifts– and that includes some fun iPhone cases. Even for that much coveted new iPhone 5.

(Update, they’ve greatly expanded their collection since publication of this post, now offering many options for iPhone 6 as well.

Don’t be scared off by some of the more…overdesigned examples of existing designs on the site. You can customize your case pretty much from scratch if you’d like, and here are a few samples I whipped together for ideas on how you might do yours.

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Personalized iPhone case at Tiny Prints | images c Liz GumbinnerShow off your pride and joy
Make a photo collage for a proud grandparent or parent–especially nice if it comes with a new iPhone for the holidays.


Personalized iPhone case at Tiny Prints | via cool mom tech

Make a statement, any statement. (I kinda like this one.)

The customization process for the photo iPhone cases is kind of fun once you get the hang of it, letting you import photos right from Facebook, Shutterfly, Picasa and your own files. And while I wish there were a few more layout and color options (and boy, I’d love to play with the kerning, gah), this really is a lot more customizable than most of the services we’ve tried out with 8 basic layouts, 7 color options, and even the chance to add some basic filters to your pics.

It would be nice to be able to resize photos and have more font sizes that don’t jump from 28 to 46 to 60. Can you tell I’m really anal about type?

That said, I like that you can get a live customer service chat going online while you’re working. Plus a professional designer does eyeball your creation before it gets made, just as with their photo cards, and I really appreciate that. You can also add some special instructions with your order, should you want a little more perfection. Like that kerning.

All around this looks like a very, very smart option at pretty decent prices. Have fun playing!

Create your own custom photo iPhone cases online at Tiny Prints.  You can also find some very pretty ready-made custom iPhone case templates.

all photos © Liz Gumbinner for Cool Mom Tech