I have an Android phone and we ‘droid-ers know the feeling of being left out of the iPhone world with all its cool doodads and whatnots and whozits. (What? Those are the real tech terms). So when there’s cool stuff made just for us–well, we can get a bit worked up and possibly even misty-eyed. Here are four speaker docks for Androids that just might have you weeping for joy.

Grace gdock for Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, Note + Note II
A stereo speaker dock designed exclusively (did you catch that? Exclusively!) to play and charge the Samsung Galaxy device line, the dock and the phone cradle can be maneuvered every which way to view your Samsung Galaxy horizontally or vertically. Find it on Amazon for $129, with the rechargeable Lithium Ion battery sold separately.

Android-compatible Soundfreaq Ghost Audio System

Soundfreaq Ghost SFQ-01W Sound Platform Bluetooth Wireless Audio System
We discovered Soundfreaq earlier this year and love the compact size, easy hook-up and tethering, and great sound. This one available at Target ($179.99) is so pretty in white, and lets you pair and stream audio from any Android phone–from your music to your movies and games. You can even turn your phone into a full remote control, when you download the free Soundfreaq App from Google Play. Note: You can’t actually dock an Android phone on it, but you can charge it using the USB connector.

Android-compatible speaker dock | iLuv MobiDock

iLuv iMM375BLK MobiDock
This nifty and streamlined unit lets you plug in your Android smartphone, no matter if the charging port is located on the top, bottom, or sides of the phone. With cool little myBot robotic arms, the iLuv can secure your smartphone and supposedly the Kindle Fire and Kindle Touch, although some of the reviewers felt that it didn’t work as well for tablets. It’s on Amazon for $99.99.

Android Symphony speaker dock | Sonr Labs

Sonr Labs Android Symphony Dock
This unit may look a bit like you’re listening to music on the Starship Enterprise, but it’s incredibly simple to use. Plug and play, as they say, without any of the pairing hassles of Bluetooth. Good sound, nice price ($79.99) at Amazon; what more could an Android user ask for? –Shari

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