There’s no shortage of cool desktop phone docks out there, as you probably know by now. From really clever iPhone docks to really cute iPhone docks whatever your tastes, there’s a dock to match. But I’m really loving this iPhone dock which is not only eco-friendly, I think it would look great pretty much anywhere.

The Chisel iPhone 4/4S dock is made of sustainable bamboo, and I love how it incorporates the plug right into the design, keeping your desk more tangle free–and less tempting for my cats who think those overpriced cords are chew toys, grrr. It does seem like it’s best for those of you who tend to use the speakerphone or a Bluetooth headset–not quite sure how fast you can pry the phone out of there. But it sure does look swell. –Liz

The Chisel iPhone 4/4S dock is on sale now for $29 down from $39 for a limited time at Etsy’s iSkelter. And for those of you early adopters, fear not–the iPhone 5 dock is available for preorder now. Is it too much to hope for a few Android versions too?

UPDATE: The dock is now available through priced at $23 for the iPhone 4/4s, and $29.99 for the iPhone 5S plus docks for the iPad and iPad Mini

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