While technology is already taking on the driving and texting issue in myriad ways, I’m wondering if biking and texting will be the next great issue. Nah, probably not. Which is why there are a few great reasons to invest in a phone mount for your wheels if you’re a frequent biker.

BikeConsole smart phone mount for bikes

BikeConsole makes a ton of different smart phone bike mounts for pretty a great range of brands: iPhone, HTC, Motorola, Samsung, Sony, LG. (Sorry Nokia.) There’s even an iPod Nano bike mount, for more rock, less talk–but only if you’ve got a 4th gen Nano or earlier. And no iPhone 5 just yet.

iPhone Nano bike mount | Bike Console

great if you rely on your phone apps to track time and distance, play
music (the mount offers headphone jack access), or even if you do want to take that call on speaker phone while you’re stopped at the red light. And definitely beats a fanny pack or a bulging back pocket.

features of the mounts look pretty handy: there’s a silicon lining for
shock absorption and a weatherproof housing in case weather turns
bad–but you still can use the touch screen. The mount also allows the
phone to swivel 360-degrees so you can alternate between standard and
landscape views. And what I think is really cool is that you can use
the phone’s camera for recording the trip from the handlebar POV. Sort
of like a poor man’s DIY GoPro. Ah, if only. –Liz

Find a great range of smart phone bike mounts online at BikeConsole.

[h/t apartment therapy]