The Jimmies Oh HanukkahJust when I start to hyperventilate over how soon Christmas will be here, I remember that some of my friends are getting ready for the start of Hanukkah…on December 8th!

Since this big holiday will be starting before I even address my Christmas cards, this week’s download goes out to all you Hanukkah revelers, from one of our favorite kids’ bands, The Jimmies.

Chanukah Oh Hanuka, oh Hanukkah Medley mixes a dance-worthy ska background with traditional lyrics for a song that is just a bit kooky but totally fun. And it has a nice fast beat to get you moving quickly–which will be
ever-so-useful if you still have tons to do to get ready for the
holiday. Like me.

Plus, I love the acknowledgement that I’m not the only one who spells Hanukkah (Hanukah?) differently pretty much every time. –Christina