Between my writing and PR business, I’m on a lot of conference calls. Hmm, kinda explains the constant crick in my neck. Scheduling and coordinating these calls with so many different parties can be a pain though. Do you want to use your bridge line? What’s your Skype handle? Can you send me the password? Who has a dial-in?

That’s why I’m really excited about a new free conference call service that all you entrepreneurial types will love.

Simpler conference calls with Speek

Rather than Skype, which is great but requires a download, Speek
is completely browser-based, super simple to use, and 100% free. You
can register with an email address or via Facebook or Google, and the
coolest part is that you get your very own conference call URL:

When you have a call set up, all
you do is send that URL to your meeting attendees and then Speek asks
them for their phone number. You can invite people to join by email,
phone or SMS text message–which seems to be the fastest having tried it out. Then, the service automatically connects them to the call.

Within a few seconds, voila, instant group calls! 

great is that the people you are speaking with don’t have to be
registered users, don’t have to create aliases, don’t have to do
anything really. Nice and simple.

I can also see this working
really well for family calls with those relatives who may not be as
tech-savvy. Now, I can leave the planning for the conference call
itself; not before it. -Jeana 

For more information on this cool free conference call service, visit
Speek is also working on an iOS mobile app that is scheduled for next month.