One of the reasons why we keep our Netflix subscription is because of their fairly healthy selection of kids’ television shows and movies.

But now after seeing this new feature from Hulu Plus, I’m pretty excited to have more options.  And better, more current shows that my kids love to watch anyway. (Promise, it’s more than that whiny Caillou.)

Meet Hulu Kids, a cool new hub for Hulu Plus subscribers that offers premium kids’ content either via your Sony PlayStation 3 or folks simply logged into their website. And when they say premium, they mean it.

Hulu Kids on Hulu Plus

You’ll find everything from current shows on Nickelodeon, like my son’s new favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, to past shows from Lionsgate and PBS (Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood!), all organized by channel, interest, or age. And it’s not just little kid shows either; you’ll find plenty of big kids shows like Big Time Rush, iCarly, and Victorious.

But the best part: Hulu Kids is completely ad free. As it should be. –Kristen

You can try Hulu Plus for a week free if you’re not a subscriber and gain access to the new Hulu Kids hub. After that, your Hulu Plus subscription is $7.99/month.