My kids, like all kids it seems, are big fans of the blockbuster Fruit Ninja app. So when I heard about a new app that pretty much rips it off but adds math to the equation (heh) I was interested in checking it out.

Ice Math Ninja educational kids' app

Now I’ll start with the big disclaimer that I do get a little
squidgy about developers (or businesses in general) who jump on other
entrepreneurs’ intellectual property and trade on their successes. So
I’m wondering how long Pers is going to be a allowed to keep the name Ice Math Ninja. But let’s just skip that for now because otherwise, it’s a very good app for kids.

what you have here are a cute teddy bear ninja (yep) and a penguin in a
kimono, who are slashing their way through five math games with more to
come. In the most basic game, good for preschoolers or so, you use your
finger to slash every number that isn’t a zero. Then there are games in
which you slice only odd or even numbers; slice only numbers below a
certain other number; or get into actual math by slicing the answer to
an addition question or numbers that are multiples of a specified

Ice Math Ninja educational kids' app

seven-year-old can play the easy version no problem, but is getting
ready to try out medium; my kindergartener enjoys the first two games
and just laughing at the ninja bear whose name is Tushka. (Which sounds
like “Tushie” when you’re five.)  I’d think that the harder levels will
be perfect for grade schoolers; and the achievement badges definitely
are a motivation to keep them playing–and learning.

I can see
why Ice Math Ninja it’s hugely popular in Europe right now, and the top
iPad app in France. If the Fruit Ninja attorneys stay away, I imagine it
will do nicely here too. –Liz

Find Ice Math Ninja by Pers for $.99 for iPad and iPhone in the App Store