So, whatcha doing on Thursday? Getting together with family? Going to watch a little football, or run around the yard in your own impromptu game? Remember to give thanks too! Oh, and yes, don’t forget to do a lot of what Laurie Berkner sings about in her little musical ode to Thanksgiving: Eat.

(I’m Gonna Eat) On Thanksgiving Day is a very simple—and very catchy—tune by my son’s all-time-favorite singer, Laurie Berkner. In his world, this is an oldie, having been released way back in ’04. Sung a cappella and in a round, you can almost imagine the Pilgrims humming the tune as they got things together all those years ago.

We’ll have it on heavy rotation this week. I hope that hearing her sing happily about eating “Turkey with stuffing and cranberries/Sweet potatoes and corn and peas” will entice my picky eater to try something besides the rolls.

Grab a copy of (I’m Gonna Eat) On Thanksgiving Day (From the Album Whaddaya Think Of That?) by Laurie Berkner from Amazon.

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