If you’ve been hearing the buzz about Instagram web profiles, we’ve got the scoop. As you know, there are a plethora of amazing things we have seen done with Instagram, aside from the awesomeness of its photo app, of course. We’ve featured turning Instagram photos into works of art with CanvasPop, fun photo books with Keepsy, even edible art with Cocoagraph (yum). But until this point, all Instagram splendor has been limited to our mobile phones and not available on the web except for limited third-party apps like Webstagram.

Until now.

Instagram on the web!

Instagram just recently announced that it is adding web capabilities! Three cheers! Just like the mobile app, Instagram on the web will enable you to follow users, comment, share and like, all right from your PC or laptop, even while your kids are off monopolizing your phone.

Your Instagram web profile will be rolling out in the
next week or so, so if you have an Instagram account already, just keep
checking instagram.com/[your username] and you should see it soon.

Take a look at the example above from @mycookingdiary and you can see Facebook’s (Instagram’s new owner) fingerprints all over the design. And while this will be wildly convenient for a lot of us, and a way to generate new users, we wouldn’t be surprised to start seeing the purity of the platform evolving to make way for ads and other revenue-generation opportunities for them.

As far as privacy goes, assuming you have set your photos to Public, anyone is privy to
your beautiful shots. But if you keep things on the intimate side, then
your photos are only available to those who follow you, just like the

Now let’s just hope your privacy settings stay the way you set them. Ahem, Facebook. -Jeana 

Instagram is available from iTunes for free or on Google Play for Android. And learn more on the Instagram blog.

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