Sharing photos on a trip is a great way for those back home to see you on your exciting travels. But when you’re using different social networks throughout your sojourn to broadcast, it can be hard for friends and family to keep up.

Rather than sending out photos and status updates piecemeal, consider using Irrive after your next trip to pull everything into one place.

Irrive calls itself a social scrapbook, but rest assured, there is no gluing or choosing gingham patterns required. Just register, and it pulls all your social content from Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Flickr and/or Instagram into a centralized area that documents all your posts, photos, status updates and more. You enter in the dates you want it to use and then voila, the social media content starts to fill up your social scrapbook.I think the site will be super helpful for those of you with family members on different
social networks, but it’s a cool way to document any life event, really, from a birth of a baby to a wedding or a first piano recital.
Irrive social scrapbooking
To make it feel more scrapbook-y, you can even email Irrive your itinerary, flight confirmations, restaurant reservations and they’ll populate your scrapbook with those travel details–which might help you remember some of the fun events from earlier in a long trip. Once your scrapbook is created, you can edit as you wish and what’s really fun, is you can share with those that
you want to via an email link–or have them contribute as well. How great is that for family trips when everyone’s got their own cameras on hand?

Irrive social scrapbooking

I also like that Irrive creates a cute video montage of all the photos you’ve posted during your trip which is the perfect format for sharing. (Especially if friends and family don’t need to spend an hour on every little detail.)

Irrive sure beats trying to pull together a photo album afterwards. Let’s face it, for most of us parents, once we get home? That ain’t gonna happen. -Jeana

For more information on starting your social scrapbook, check out Irrive.