I confess, I still have boxes of CDs that may never be sold or donated. As wonderful as MP3s are, there’s something about owning my music in handy CD form that I can’t let go of. So wasn’t I surprised to see a company still making a CD player–and a cool one at that.

The Muji wall-mounted CD player looks like a beautiful, minimalist piece of tech design. Just pull that cord and you can toggle over to FM radio too. It’s also got a remote control so you can load it up, then skip that one bad song right from the couch. However the volume and search controls are on top so it’s not like you want it too high and out of the way.

One caveat: I haven’t heard it yet and can’t vouch for the speakers. I’ve tried one pair of cheap, disposable cardboard speakers from Muji and honestly my MacBook sounded better them. But if this sounds decent? What a nice little player for a small space like an office. –Liz

Find the wall-mounted CD player online at Muji.US

[ht design milk]

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