Pinterest Secret BoardsIt was kind of fun to log onto Pinterest today and see a message about the new secret boards. In case you haven’t checked it out, we’ve got the scoop plus some fun ideas on what to do with yours. Because unfortunately, they’re not unlimited.

One of the biggest issues with Pinterest (besides the search
functionality) has been the inability to keep anything private. While
certainly Pinterest would benefit from a total privacy option, they’re
taking a baby step by allowing you to create 3 private boards that can
only be seen by up to two other people. I guess in this social media world, 99% of our lives are still supposed to be public, eh?

Right away I started thinking of all the things pinners could do with their boards:

-Compile holiday or birthday gifts for friends and family that you want to keep secret.

-Put together an actionable file for a renovation or redecoration that you don’t want the entire world to know about (You’re spending WHAT on curtains?)

-Party planning! Especially when half your guests are among your Pinterest followers–or maybe it’s a surprise baby shower?

-Diet or fitness ideas that you’d rather not share with your entire social circle.

-Sexy lingerie options for your anniversary (rowr).

While the boards still don’t have the functionality of a private Springpad notebook (a recent sponsor who we adore) and remain limited to a picture and a link, it’s a good option for people already addicted to Pinterest, who want to keep some of those pins to themselves. Especially that lingerie. –Liz

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