I think the moment I discovered the control-Z command on my Mac, A.K.A. “undo,” was the moment my life turned around. Now every typo, every terrible cut and paste, every oops on my computer–wiped away like it never even happened.

So how can I not love this necklace?

control z necklace

The acrylic Control Z necklace
at Etsy’s Plastique is one of many type-geek necklaces, and it happens
to make me very happy. Of course wearing it is like shouting to the
world, “yeah, I make lots of mistakes.”

Which makes me think maybe we should rename it The Human Necklace. Yes? Maybe? -Liz

Find the Control Z necklace online at Plastique for $22, and if you’re feeling gifty, there’s still time to get it out in time for Xmas with ground shipping.