In the rush of the holidays, this past month I have 1) gone to the store with a specific item in mind and have left the store without said item; and 2) gone to the store and have completely forgotten why I went in the first place. Yes, I’m going to blame it on the holiday rush.

In any regard, I’ve discovered a new app called Don’t Forget Your List that can serve as my digital (and roving assistant) and make sure those detours don’t happen again.

Is this a completely boring looking app? Yes. But it makes up for it in practicality and innovation. More than a mere list-maker, this app is GPS-based and keeps an eye on your location, so it offers reminders as you approach a store that you need to get something from. Really!

If you have a bunch of different errands around town that you’ve made a mental note of, you can now transfer these notes to the app and count on it to remind you to pick up the dry cleaning, fill that prescription, and get the holiday napkins for the kid’s classroom party.

Don't forget your list!

Setting up the app takes a few minutes because you need to type out what you need, add stores to the app and then assign each item to the stores around you. You can even set the reminders to hit by distance.

I had it running for about 20 minutes while I drove around and lo and behold, no more forgetful moments. I can imagine that having it run all the time would be a drain on your battery because it’s constantly tracking your location, but if you just use it for the times you’re out picking up kids, dropping off kids and taking kids to lessons in the afternoon, it could come in really handy. -Jeana

Don’t Forget Your List is available on iTunes for $1.99.