We’re so excited to present the first in our Holiday Tech Gifts series! Starting with . . . cool games and tech toys for the kids. Yeah, we know that big kids and teens probably want shoot-em-up games for their consoles but hey, we’re still moms. So here, some of the cooler tech toys and games for tweens and teens that they’ll love, and we’ll love too.

Wii U 8GB Basic Console
If you have a Wii system already, kids will love the new capabilities the Wii U hand-held screen gives for play. Plus you can let the kids keep playing while you reclaim the TV. Win win! ($299 up or down at Amazon)

Holiday Tech Gifts for Kids: Digital Light Designer

Crayola Digital Light Designer
Once your kids get the hang of this, they won’t want to stop playing. It’s a neat way to turn an artist into a digital electronic artist. ($47 at Amazon)

Holiday Tech Gifts for Kids: Snap Circuits Electronics Kit

Snap Circuits Green – Alternative Energy Kit
Your kids can build up to 125 different projects with this set, all around the theme of eco-friendly energy. From wind to solar energy and hydro energy, it’s an awesome way for science-minded kids to put their future Nobel-winning ways to work. ($54.99, Amazon)

Holiday Tech Gifts for Kids: XBOX 360 Holiday Bundle

XBOX 360 Holiday Bundle
Don’t have one yet? This sale gives you a pretty good reason to give in. While you’re there, throw in the new Kinect Sports Ultimate Collection. (prices vary on sale, GameStop)

Holiday Gift: Dr. Who Sonic Screwdriver Pen

Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver
Write with invisible UV ink then reveal it with the UV light? Yes, please. Lots of varieties available representing the different doctors. ($14.95, Amazon)

Holiday Tech Gifts for Kids: Kingmaster Chess

Kingmaster Chess Set
With 72 levels of chess and 16 levels of checkers, and the option to play against a computer using real pieces, your kid will be kicking your butt in no time–if she’s not already. ($139 with discounts available, Amazon)

Holiday Tech Gifts for Kids: iPad Pinball

Duo Pinball for iPad
This fun little casing turns your iPad 1, 2, or 3 into an actual pinball machine complete with flipper buttons. Just download the free app and you’re good to go. Totally fun. (No longer available)