Procrastinating about holiday cards runs in my blood–my mother used to write her cards the day after Christmas, step on the envelopes to make them look messy, and tell people they must have gotten lost in the mail. (She really did.) So when I had the chance to review a Martha Stewart app that could create a lovely holiday card, I jumped at the chance. You know, since I haven’t even thought about cards yet.

We’re big fans of the Martha Stewart CraftStudio app for the iPad with its themed bundles of virtual scrapbooking supplies for cards,
invites, thank-you notes and keepsakes, and are dee-lighted at the two
new bundles: “Elegant Holiday” and “Vintage Christmas.”

With tons of
reindeer-y, snow-y and New Year Happ-y options, you can whip up a
personalized card that’s traditional, modern, elegant or wacky.

of wacky, here’s the card I designed. Just for fun:

Aren’t we cute?

tappable trays of “paper,” stamps, stickers, text fonts, glitter,
making an awesome card is a snap. Plus? No glitter stuck in your rug. I did watch the instructional video,
which was actually more helpful after I messed around with the app for a
while, but you really don’t have to be a digital dynamo to craft
something fun. And once you’re done, you can share on Facebook, Twitter,
print at home or send to Snapfish for professional printing

Oh, and
did you know that Snapfish will even mail your cards for you? I need to
call my mother.

Purchase the Martha Stewart CraftStudio App for $2.99, and the Elegant Holiday and Vintage Christmas bundles for $1.99 each on iTunes.


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