Oh Appy Day! gives you the scoop on the coolest apps from some of the coolest people anywhere. This week, actress Samantha Barks shares her favorite–which happens to be a great one for parents. 

There’s one app called Sleepcycle and it does this thing where it senses your motion and it wakes you up gently when it senses your body is in a light phase of sleep. You pick the time period, and whatever song you want [from the app] and I pick a gentle one. You put it under your pillow and it sort of picks up on your motions–it’s incredible.

Every time it wakes me I go, “was I already awake? Or did that wake me up?” You wake up refreshed and calm. I think it’s so cool. – Samantha

Oh Appy Day! Cool apps from cool people.
You can find the Sleepcycle app for iOS devices including the iPhone 5 at iTunes for $.99

Catch future superstar Samantha Barks blowing you away in Les Miserables as Éponine singing On My Own. (As she put it to me, “I didn’t just cry…I went into an ugly cry.”) The movie opens 12/25. Catch a sneak preview on their YouTube channel.

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