Waking up on Christmas Eve with the stress of needing a couple more gifts for those “hard to buy” people is no fun at all. So, let me play Helpful Elf by telling you about a great last-minute, charitable gift that will fill your recipients with the warm fuzzies a lot more than a regular old gift card.

TisBest is an easy and flexible way to send someone a charitable gift, but unlike most instances where I would choose the charity, TisBest lets my friends or family pick out the cause they care most to support from more than 300, ranging from animal rights to hunger to women’s issues. You can even upload your own image to go on the card and choose any denomination at all (like $20.13 for a 2013 gift.) And since their gift cards never expire, no need to make a decision right away.

TisBest cards

While most of the charities are national, for those who like to support organizations that are closer to home, TisBest has several charities in major cities like Los Angeles and Chicago. Though I was surprised to see that New York and Dallas are not yet included, I like that they are asking for nominations for charities in that region and plan to have them represented soon.

Around since 2007, I found the feedback on this company to be overwhelming positive thanks to great service and low overhead costs. I also appreciate that aside from a small fee, your donation really goes to the organization.

Though it’s too late to order one of their 100% recycled plastic gift cards, there’s still time to either email a notification or print out a gift card at home. Which means you can finish up your shopping in a few minutes and then get to that “merry” part of Christmas without having to go to the dreaded mall. –Christina

Check out TisBest’s website for a quick way to send charitable gift cards before Christmas.