If you’re on the hunt for a cool calendar app for your Android smart phone, it can be tough to figure out what’s best in a sea of options. So, I tried a whole lot (see what I do for you?) and narrowed them down to these three options–all of which also happen to be free.


Jorte Android Calendar App


Jorte Calendar App
My first favorite calendar app is Jorte, with its clean and pleasant interface, simple symbols bar to connect to the Cloud, calendar (of course), and clever font and background color options. How can you go wrong with the choices of “Strawberry Milk” or “Lemon Chiffon?” You can also choose weekly and monthly views, even optimize the look by displaying horizontally or vertically. But mostly, it’s Jorte’s ability to integrate with Google calendar and other apps like Google Maps makes this a very handy scheduling choice.


Business Calendar: Android Calendar App


Business Calendar App
Don’t be put off by the absolutely banal name–this is another awesome option possessing a very spare interface, with plenty of options tucked neatly away under a few buttons. A quick vertical swipe advances the months and a little tap pops up that particular day’s events. Business Calendar is also free, but you can upgrade to Business Calendar Pro for $4.99 if you need more functionality, like linking contacts or creating a template for an event. However for casual use, the free version is just fine.


Cozi Family Calendar: Android Calendar App


Cozi Family Calendar
The Cozi Family Calendar is a long time favorite of Cool Mom Tech–a smart, clean-looking option for parents that helps you manage your entire family’s schedules, plus to-do lists, shopping lists and more, all with one free account. You can upgrade to Cozi Gold, with groovy ad-free perks, for $4.99 a month or $29.99 for the year. Despite the cost, a lot of parents do it; it’s really that good. Now one drawback to keep in mind is that while Cozi allows you to input (and output) your Google Calendar, it does not sync them together just yet. But based on all the Cozi fans who are demanding this functionality (like us!), it’s probably only a matter of time. –Shari

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