As far as fitness and racing tech gear go, when I find something that works, I stick with it. That’s why I never leave home without my Armpocket running band, which took me through a half and full marathon (and all the training before it) with my iPhone securely and comfortably attached to my arm.

So I was pretty excited to hear about their new model at CES 2013 which makes it easier and safer for an outdoor runner like me to keep with my training, especially now that the days are so short.

The new Armpocket Nighthawk armband features everything I love about my own Armpocket, like lots of room for my phone plus GUs, keys, and other small essentials, plus cool LED lights to make sure outdoor runners like me can see and be seen.

There’s a white LED light on one side of the pocket to help illuminate the way ahead, plus a flashing red LED light on the other side to warn drivers (or cyclists or other runners) that you’re there, both of which can be switched out depending on what arm you like to wear your fitness band.

Turn the lights on and off with the quick push of a button. It’s all so smart for those of us who love our slimming black running tights and tops that blend into the darkness or who prefer not to carry extra gear like headlamps and hand-held lights. Plus, it’s waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about anything shorting out if you’re hard core.

Right now the Nighthawk is available in black only, but the funky tie-dye one we saw at CES just a few days ago will launch online soon. Either way, it’s so smart for fitness junkies like me who want to enjoy outdoor exercise safely. -Julie

Find the new Armpocket Nighthawk on the Armpocket website.


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