Finding the perfect fitness gift for that exercise lover can be a little tough, let alone finding something that doesn’t offend the person who wants to get in shape but isn’t quite there yet. (Here honey…rice cakes!)

Forget the yoga mat and hand weights; in the next installment of our Holiday Tech Gifts series, we’ve put together a list of the coolest fitness tech gifts for every workout enthusiast on your list, whether they’re training for a marathon or just trying to walk around the block without fainting.

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Finally, a Garmin made for women and their smaller wrists! And with an amazing price point compared with the other much pricier models, you can’t beat snatching up the Forerunner 10 for that mother runner in your life.

Holiday Tech Gifts: Arm Pocket smartphone case

We love our own Arm Pocket smart phone fitness cases, and now they’re big enough to hold the newer, larger smart phones even with their cases on, plus GUs and keys. We’ve found them to be the best in the category. And don’t worry, they stay put so you don’t have to worry one bit about chafing. ($29.95,

Holiday Tech Gifts: FitBit Zip

The FitBit Zip is a fantastic little gadget for folks looking to start their fitness journey. It tracks activity, calories burned, and miles walked, and then syncs with your smart phone and computer to track results. ($59.95,

Holiday Tech Gifts: BikeConsole mobile phone mount

Whether you’ve got a casual biker on your list or someone training for a triathlon, we bet he or she’ll love the BikeConsole smart phone bike mount which lets you safely use any fitness tracking phone apps, listen to music, and even text–when stopped, of course. ($54.95,

Holiday Tech Gifts: Yur Buds women's earbuds

If she listens to music when she works out, she needs a pair of Yur Buds Inspire Earphones which are made especially for us ladies and our petite delicate flower ears (ha). And yes, they make them for dudes too. ($29.99 at

Holiday Tech Gifts: Nike Kinect Training

The new Nike+ Kinect Training is no joke. If you want a gym-like workout in the comfort of your own home, then you need this game, though calling it a “game” just seems wrong. It’s more like torture. Good, fun, torture. ($49.99 at; XBOX 360 with Kinect system sold separately)

Holiday Tech Gifts: Knuckle Lights for running in the dark

Forget the annoying head lamps. With Knuckle Lights, your favorite runner can safely hit the road or trail early in the morning or late at night. ($39.95 at

Holiday Tech Gifts: iPod Shuffle

We promise that we’re not recommending the new iPod Shuffle because it comes in all sorts of pretty colors. It’s actually a smart way to listen to music while working out, without having to lug around a gigantic MP3 player or smart phone. Those calls can wait, right? ($49 at

Holiday Tech Gifts: Turtle Shell wireless bike boom box

What’s great about the cool Turtle Shell wireless boom box is that when he doesn’t have it mounted to his bike (seriously!), he can pop it on his desk or night stand and enjoy tunes that way too. So clever, and guarantee he doesn’t own one yet. ($149.95 at

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