With more kids than ever carrying iPods and cell phones (when they’re ready, of course) more kids than ever are going to find themselves stuck without power just when you’re trying to reach them. Or…using that as a convenient excuse? Here’s one way to take care of both problems coming from a major brand, and it’s eco-friendly too.

Solar chargers for iPhone or iPod from Pottery Barn Teen

To round out their growing line of tech accesories for teens,
Pottery Barn Teen has just come out with a Solar Powered Battery Pack
for iPhone and iPod, and we have to say, they’re pretty darn cute in
those bright neon colors. Plus they work as key chains, so there should
be no excuse for losing them. Hey, maybe we can stick a key chain on
their iPods too?

Plus it’s good justification for us to say “It’s
a beautiful day! Get outside and get off the computer.” After all, they
need to charge those chargers, right? –Liz

To find more info about the solar iOS battery chargers, keep an eye on PB Teen.

[h/t trendhunter]

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