If you’ve been wondering the best way to add video on Twitter, it seems the folks at Twitter have been wondering that too and have been hard at work making it happen. In fact, Twitter is about to get a lot more fun (not to mention become more of a time suck) with the acquisition of a new app that lets you upload 6-second videos right into your feed as if they were photos.

Using the Twitter-blessed and sanctioned Vine app
(free for iOS), Twitter users can delight, entertain and astound their
followers with even more brief snippets of creativity and brilliance.
Like the abbreviated 140-character limit for letters, you do have only six seconds or less of video to work with.

The one big negative of course is that it’s only for Apple users right now, but other platforms should be headed your way soon. If you do have an iOS device however, simply
download the free app and sign in with your Twitter account or
via email. I’d suggest doing it through Twitter, which automatically links the account and
lets you easily upload your video to your stream. You can even see a screenshot of what an embedded video in your feed looks like, above.

But looking at the app screenshots, clearly this is Twitter’s answer to Instagram’s break-up with Twitter in addition to Twitter’s new photo filters. In fact, check out the Editors Picks and Popular Now buttons as well as the number of likes on any given video; look familiar?

vine app for twitter video sharing

vine app for twitter video sharing

vine app for twitter video sharing

note: If you’re having problem logging into the app (it has kept crashing
for me), check back in a day or so. It’s likely that the servers are
just inundated with people this weekend who are super excited to start
sharing those hilarious kid moments–or pleas for Justin Bieber to give them a RT. Heh. -Jeana 

Vine app is available for free on iTunes. And fret not other platform users, looks like it’ll be available for you soon! Find more information on the Twitter Blog