iPhone microscope lens
When it comes to my iPhone, I use it for three main purposes: 1) as a phone, 2) as a computer, 3) as a camera. But with this latest iPhone accessory I came across, I can add scientific experiments to my list of iPhone uses. 

This crazy little iPhone microscope (yes, microscope!) attaches to the lens of your camera and offers instant 60x magnification of anything you point your lens at. The gadget comes with an attachment for your iPhone 4/4S (seems like those are the only models this works with at this point) for instant forensic tasking. Or you know, looking at your fingerprints close up. It also comes with three built-in LED lights that will illuminate your subject.

Not only would this be a cool addition to encourage our kids’ scientific pursuits, but I’m thinking I could take some pretty cool close-ups for my own camera hobby as well. -Jeana 

The iPhone Microscope sells for $17 at brando.com

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