When my kids realized they could hand out diamonds to their friends for Valentine’s Day, they flipped. And they are so obsessed with Minecraft that even handing a ready-to-explode Creeper card sounds perfectly logical.

If this all makes sense to you, you must have a little Minecraft devotee in your home. So I tracked down this group of fun, Minecraft themed
Valentines cards and gifts that a few kids you may know will go nuts
for. –Christina

Minecraft Valentines

Little Sketchy Cards’ Minecraft Kids Valentines come in sets of 12 and feature the blocky little images my kids adore. 

Minecraft Valentine
I like the little pixelated heart that seals the card into a size that is perfect to slide into those slots in the classroom-decorated shoeboxes. Make sure they know that the Creeper card will not explode upon opening, though sound-effects are always welcome.

Pixel Cut necklace
My daughter would love to give her BMF (Best Minecraft Friend) this laser-cut acrylic Pixel-Heart Necklace from Lickety Cut. At only $12, this isn’t fine jewelry, but given that my kids and their friends take better care of their Minecraft world than their own belongings, I’m okay with this.
LEGO Minecraft Steve
Minecraft’s Steve has been busy mining three heart stones in BricksCo’s LEGO/Minecraft mashup that would be a great geeky gift for someone special. The heart “stones” can be attached to any LEGO pieces from the bottom, so I would expect my youngest daughter would snag them for her LEGO Friends sets immediately.

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