My kids love to give and receive Valentine’s Day cards from their friends and classmates, but they’d prefer to skip the mushy-gushy sentimental cards and stick with printable Minecraft Valentines cards, or others that reflect their love of gaming, tech, and cool science stuff. So for fellow geeks-in-training, I’ve rounded up six cool printable Valentine’s Day cards for the classroom that plenty of boys and girls like my kids will love.


Printable Minecraft Valentine's cards by Legendary Letters on Etsy

1. Printable Minecraft Valentine’s Cards

We shared a bunch of printable Minecraft Valentine cards last year, but my kids can never get enough of this world. I love this collection of Minecraft printable cards from Legendary Letters, with detailed hand-drawn illustrations of five characters like a Ghast (I’m aghast that you won’t be my Valentine) and Creeper (Don’t be creeped out that I want to be your Valentine). You may not get all the semi-corny, semi-sweet Minecraft references, but I guarantee the kids in their class will. ($5 for downloadable PDF)


Free printable Minecraft Valentines Cards with gum wrapper | Simple as That

2. Free Printable Minecraft Valentine’s Cards with Gum Wrapper

Love these free printables (also at top) featuring a cute enough Creeper hiding a delicious enough pack of stick gum. You’ll need to download both of the printables from the Simple as That Blog–and of course, buy some gum–so this one takes a little more work. But wow. Nice result. (Free download)

Free printable Minecraft Valentine's Day Cards from A Grand Life

3. Simple Free Printable Minecraft Valentine’s Cards

These free printable Minecraft cards from A Grande Life are so great because they are so easy!  Just cut and sign your name. Perfect for when you’re short on time, or your kids run out of patience addressing them to 28 classmates. Or…they want to get back to actual Minecraft, as the case may be. (Free download)


Printable science Valentine's cards by Stephoodle

4. Printable Science Icons Valentine’sCards

Kids who can’t get enough STEM will swoon for these brainy Valentine’s Day cards featuring some of science’s greatest names. Stephoodle’s detailed illustrations of Nikola Tesla, Marie Curie, Stephen Hawking and five others will definitely stand out in the sea of bright red-and-pink cards. Plus, how cool is the kid who passes out cards with Carl Sagan’s smiling face on it? ($4.64 for downloadable PDF)

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Free printable Star Wars Valentines cards by A Grande Life

5. Printable Star Wars Valentine’s Cards

These may be the cards you’re looking for if your kids are as into Star Wars as mine are. A Grande Life’s free printable cards come in nine different styles with iconic cartoony characters illustrated by revidevi. I love that they are just the right size to attach a glow stick “light saber” to them, or put a piece of yarn through the top and they become a bookmark. (Free printables)

Printable Robot Valentines cards from Touies Design

6. Printable Robot Valentine’s Day cards

Like your robots on the cute and cuddly side? Touies Design’s robot cards are ideal for our youngest Valentines. And with his little arm out like that, you could even tape an organic lollipop to the card if your child’s classroom is okay with sweets. ($5 for downloadable PDF)


Valentine's Day cards: Retro gaming printable cards by Kira Cards

7. Printable Classic Video Game Valentine’s Day cards

If retro video games are your kids’ thing, they’ll love these 8-bit designs from Kira Cards. Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, Zelda, and Mario show up vividly on these folded cards. Keep in mind that black-background printables and two-sided designs do suck up a whole lot of ink, so they are probably best for smaller classrooms. Otherwise, have them printed at your local copy shop for your kids’ BFF’s. ($10 for five downloadable PDF designs)


Free printable zombie Valentine's cards by Hanasaurausrex

8. Printable Zombie Valentine’s Day cards

Hanasaurusrex’s free printable zombie Valentine’s Day cards are just the right mix of gruesome and sweet. Perfect for my teen who runs screaming from cards that are too affectionate. Don’t worry: These are a lot less icky than the walkers, lurkers, or biters they might see on TV or in video games. In fact, I daresay that these zombies are almost cute, if they weren’t after my braaaains.


Free printable Minecraft Valentine heart from Bliss Bloom Blog: You can even skip the charms and just sign it.

9. Free printable Minecraft Valentine Heart

Okay, so just one more Minecraft Valentine’s Card. This one from Bliss Bloom Blog comes with some pretty impressive instructions for making your own perler bead pendants but I’m not sure any of us have the time or inclination. If you do, more power to you! Or if you want to keep it simple, just use her template, download onto colored paper, and you’ve got the world’s most simple Minecraft Valentine with plenty of room for your own to/from on the front.

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