I grew up loving that little 1970s-era digital clock on my grandparents’ bed table, that remained there long after the world had moved onto all things digital. For that reason, I have a beautiful feeling of nostalgia when I look at these affordable iPhone docks that combine today’s technology with the clocks of my youth.

Areaware retro alarm clock dock for iPhone

Areaware features a whole series of Jonas Damon iPhone alarm docks for the iPhone 3 and 4 in colors from neutral to nearly neon, and even a pretty one made from sustainably harvested beechwood. At just $35 I think it’s a great addition to the night table. Or, if you’re up to date with your iOS gadgets, grab the Beechwood dock for For iPhone 5 for a few dollars more, and check out the brand new dark wood version that’s shipping end of the month.

Jonas Damon iPhone alarm clock docks at Areawear

Just run any of those free flip clock apps, place your phone on the dock, and voila…memories. And you know, the time.

Just note it’s not a clock-radio so no WLIR in the morning like I used to wake up to. But gee it’s simple. And pretty. And I need more of both in my life this year. –Liz

Learn more about designer Jonas Damon on his website (including some cool prototypes to watch out for), and find his iPhone alarm docks at shops like Areawear.

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