By far one of the most fascinating booths at the Consumer Electronics Show this week was not in fact, home of booth babes who seemed to forget to put all their clothes on in the morning. Actually, it was a genius new device that will be taking over nail salons any day now. And if you’re into nail art, then whoa–you have to take a look.

Tat'z Nails nail art machine

Tatz Nailz is
kind of what it sounds like–a big machine that you pop your fingers
into, one at a time, while custom images are “tattooed” onto your nails.
a top coat and it lasts up to two weeks or until you take it off with
regular nail polish remover; or just wear it for a night and wash off with
soap and water.

nail tatz nail art machines

tatz Nailz nail art machine

tatz nails

What’s really cool though is that while you can choose
from a ton of existing designs, you can also work from custom photos! The machine grabs a photo like say, your kid, your child’ artwork, a team logo, or here, Kristen and me!

tatz nails nail tattoo machine | cool mom tech

surrounding the nailbed with blue tape (house-painting style) and
coating the nail in a basic white polish, you stick your finger in the machine,
push down to lock it in position, then the nail technician lines up the
image of your choice.

tatz nails at CES | cool mom tech

In about 7 seconds, you have your nails tattooed. And yeah, this one looks a litle wonky because we didn’t take the time let the white base dry. (Hey, we had 50,000 other booths to get to.)

retail price for the tatzicure (our name!) will be in the the $19 range at salons and mall kiosks, as
soon as retailers start buying the system and getting the training. Although
it might be smart if there were an option to rent them for parties, judging
from the excitement around them just at the show.

Yes it’s kind of crazy. And gimmicky.
But totally fun. And hey, we loved watching a bunch of techie guy-guys
lining up to try it out. That one dude? In the grey suit? Looked outstanding
with a cheetah-print thumb. –Liz

Find out more about Tatz Nailz on their site. Would you ever try out a device like Tat’z Nails at your local salon?