Imagine a new service which gets you rent the hottest gadgets before you commit to buying. From cool cameras and phones to the latest video game consoles, and even devices like Apple TV or a new tablet if you’re not sure which you want.

Well, it exists. It’s called Gizmo TakeOut and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

Gizmo TakeOut | Cool Mom Tech review

Gizmo TakeOut was
started by a couple of tech enthusiasts who were tired of going back to
the store with their receipt to try a different device. And I know the
feeling. I’ve been looking to dump, sorry, get out of
my old contract on my phone due to the fact that I can only make a call
in my home if I sit on the floor wedged against the back door. But what
if I shell out a lot of cash for a new phone and gt stuck with a lemon

Gizmo TakeOut is the perfect solution. They have a stable
of gadgets that you can rent for a week or two for very reasonable
prices, plus a security deposit that will be returned to you within
seven days of the return of the item. The process
can’t be easier: I applied for the free membership, selected my item–a
phone, of course–and the delivery date and voila! A Samsung Galaxy S3,
retailing for $699, appeared at my home in mint condition.

Samsung Galaxy S3 phone | Gizmo TakeOut

was able to test out AT&T’s service in my house (and that fabulous
Galaxy Phone) for just $34.99 for the week, although you can select 4,
7, 14 days or longer. And I like that all the packaging for an easy
return comes with your gadget, and you pay a
flat shipping rate regardless of the item–good news when you’re trying
out a new SLR or laptop.

As it turns out, their most popular category is kids’ tablets like the new Nabi kids’ tablet,
our editors’ pick of the year, which Gizmo TakeOut started carrying in December.
It makes perfect sense considering what an investment it is; you might
as well make sure your kid is going to love a tablet before you commit to the purchase.

also a great idea for those of you not so keen on tech toys except for
special occasions; hook your kid up with a new Nintendo DS for a
weeklong trip to Grandma’s then return when you’re done. Or use an
upcoming vacation to play around with the new Lytro Light Field Camera. If you love it, you can always buy it when you get back.

As for me, I gotta tell you, I’m sold. Being
able to make a clear call while sitting at my dining room table turns
out to be pretty sweet. A phone and carrier switch is imminent. –Shari

Rent a phone, tablet, camera and more at Gizmo TakeOut. Flat shipping rate on items is $9.95,

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