Otterbox Build-Your-Own custom casesI’m always torn between outfitting my iPhone 5 in a super protective case or popping it in something that’s stylish but not as safe. Why must I choose?

So how excited am I that Otterbox has launched a new service that allows you to create your own custom case? Very. Very excited indeed.


Starting now (yay!) you can now Build-Your-Own Otterbox case using whatever color combination you’d like from their most protective line, the Defender series.

Custom Samsung S3 cases from Otterbox

You’ll find lots of different color options, whether you’re an iPhone user like me (4S and 5) or you’re sporting a Samsung Galaxy S3.

New Friends Collection from Otterbox

They’ve also added a few graphic designs as part of their new Friends Collection which aren’t completely my taste but might be something you (or your teen) would like–and we sure know teens can use protection for their gadgets. Here’s hoping they add more designs soon.

Considering how many moms I know with the exact same Otterbox case on their phone, I love the idea of being able to chose my own colors, not just because I’m picky like that, but because I’ll be able to tell the difference between mine and theirs at playgroup. Kristen

You can purchase a new Build-Your-Own Otterbox case on their site.