Life Calendar from EtsyThe cold weather and I aren’t the best of friends. If I were to draw my expression from the beginning of 2013, the most predominant would probably be of a face with chattering teeth. And with this adorable emoticon calendar I can do just that, for the entire year and end up with something really fun at the end.

The Emoticon Calendar from the Brigada Creativa Etsy shop gives you a fun treat everyday to be able to
draw an emotion, be it, happy, sad, silly or just plain cold. The
calendar is not dated to any specific year, so you can start it now, in a
month or whenever the mood strikes. 
There’s a cute little key of emoticons you can reference
at the bottom, but we’re guessing you can come up with those on your
own. Drawing this out for a year would be a really fun thing for you or
your kids to do so they could track their feelings throughout the year. Even if in my case, I’m a chattering, icy blue face for a quarter
of it.

The Life Calendar is available from the Brigada Creativa Etsy shop. It ships internationally, so the cost to delivery to the U.S. is about $14.