I get excited watching my kids begin to understand the basics of music composition and creation–which doesn’t mean karaoke to Call Me Maybe in our living room. Okay it does, but I don’t want it to stop there either. If you’ve got a kid with musical inclinations, or you just want to introduce them to a super cool app that lets them actually compose real tricks, we’ve got the perfect thing in Figure.

Figure music app

The Figure app from the folks behind Propellerhead Software, is captivating my kids over the past few weeks. If yours have a few seconds and the ability to tap and drag, they can create some pretty awesome 1 to 8-bar tunes on a loop, just by starting with a drum beat, some bass, and finally the lead keyboard tune of their own making.

The great part is that it can be as simple or as complex as your kids are ready for it. Real musicians use this by customizing the elements of each instrumental component, mixing and tweaking the result; but my 5 year-old can enjoy it just as well. It’s as easy for her as using some presets, then tapping and dragging and clicking and really, just experimenting. Which is, I think, the best way for kids to learn anything at all. Not just music

In other words, there’s no wrong answers with this app. No notes to hit or miss. And from what I’ve heard, you really can’t make a bad track. At least until it comes to naming it. My girls’ current playlist, you’ll be shocked to know, includes Cool poop!!The snort!,  and The lovesong!!!!!!!!

(Exclamation points are clearly an essential part of song-naming.)

Besides, it’s just so fun to be able to say, “It’s great honey…but needs more cowbell.” –Liz

Download the Figure music app from iTunes

[thanks jon!]

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