Hamsterball for PS3When my second grader asked me to join her to play a new video game that Daddy had downloaded for PS3, I figured I’d humor her for a few minutes. Little did I know that two hours later I would still be playing–and wrestling to pull myself away. Welcome to Hamsterball. And your new hurt-your-teeth-cute gaming addiction.

Hamsterball for PS3
is the perfect family game for kids as young as about five or six,
depending on their ability to manipulate the controller. There’s no
violence, no shooting, nothing complicated besides steering and jumping;
it’s literally just a hamster in a little round cage, racing around
crazy, colorful, inventive tracks filled with obstacles.

And, if you’re me, often falling off said tracks.

hamsterball for ps3
can play on your own or head-to-head (totally fun) and the levels get
increasingly hard, as you unlock them. There’s even a Sumo mode where
you can play the computer or up to six other players, as you try to
knock the other players off a round, suspended arena. You know, like
Sumo wrestlers, going at each other with their bellies. Only you’re a
hamster. In a cage. –Liz

Get a sense of Raptisoft’s Hamsterball from the developer website, or download for $9.99 for your Playstation system online.