QR codes can do a lot of fancy things, like providing exclusive information or great discount codes for lattes. But I happen to love them best when they’re wearable in silver and gold, and carrying a secret message just for you.

Valentine's Day gift for a geek: QR Code heart necklace

The QR Code jewelry from Miriam Merenfeld reflects the increasingly popular marriage of QR code tech and beautiful baubles. Available in a variety of shapes and metals (sterling silver, gold-filled, and antique satin silver), similar to the QR code cufflinks we’ve featured, each necklace includes a QR code that reveals a hidden message. 

The gold heart above reads Love Conquers All, which is perfect for a certain upcoming holiday, ahem. But there are other less lovey-dovey shapes and sayings in necklace and bracelet form–some more cliché than others– including Follow Your Dreams, The Sky is the Limit, Reach for the Stars, Imagine, and Never Give Up. Of course, only you’ll know what it says when you whip out our cell phone.

In fact, it might be the only good excuse to pull it out while you’re enjoying a romantic dinner and opening your gifts. –Delilah

Find QR code jewelry at Miriam Merenfeld. Production time is listed as two to four weeks, so you might want to confirm before ordering for February 14.